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The only location our country's flag should be created is in America, where Red White and Blue Supply sells all of its American flags. At Red White and Blue Supply, all of our American flags—both grommet and sleeve/banner style—are made from premium cotton, nylon, or polyester and treated to prevent premature fading. A certification label is attached to each flag as verification.

Best quality flags

The stars on Red White and Blue Supply are bright, white, powerful, and lovely because only the strongest thread is used to make them. You'll see that we reinforce the fly end with four rows of stitching and utilize lock stitching to avoid unraveling. Therefore, compared to other flags that merely use chain stitching, the stitching on your American-made flags from Red White and Blue Supply will last far longer. For those who require inside flags, we also provide cotton flags. Frequently, people ask us if they should buy a cotton, nylon, or polyester flag. That depends on where and how you use your flag, is our response. Because our nylon flags fly brilliantly even in a very light breeze, nylon is by far the most popular material for flags. Our 2-ply polyester flags are made from sturdy material and are heavier than our nylon flags. These flags are made to last in outdoor settings where they are more frequently exposed to strong winds. The flag will therefore struggle to fly in light breezes because of its weight. Most frequently used as a banner inside, a cotton flag is occasionally used to cover a coffin. A cotton flag is a common sight inside of governmental structures, courts, and churches. A cotton flag may be used outside, but it is only meant for extremely brief periods of time, such as a special occasion. The lifespan of a cotton flag will be limited when it becomes wet due to its weight, and the flagpole and any attachments will also be burdened. To ensure that the government and military standards for Made in America are met, all of our US flags at Red White and Blue Supply are designed and manufactured onsite.

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Some shoppers start by looking for "American flags for sale nearby." But when people shop here instead, they save a ton of time and effort. When you purchase our American flag for sale online, our top-notch flag manufacturing practices ensure that we meet or exceed your highest expectations for value and quality. Furthermore, our happiness guarantee is there to support your purchase. Please select [CONTACT] at the top or bottom of any page if we can ever be of help. You can contact us by phone or email, and we'll help you as much as we can.